Nebraska Nukes

S. A. C. near Omaha
Not 5th Ave.
S.A.C. near Omaha
Aiming straight and true

As sure as S.A.C. is
Based near Omaha
And Johnny Carson is
A star

As sure as Saks
Is on 5th Ave.
I’d love to do
Sack time with you

As sure as saxophones
In orchestras
I’d like to see
An end to war

As sure as we sell
Sacks of winter wheat
And Russians eat
We can’t be beat

No Nebraska Nukes
Don’t put up your dukes
Strategic Air Command
Proud eagle guard
The land

Business is booming
At the S.A.C. Base
The one place
Haste makes waste

I’d hate to have those
Guys in my face
On my case
Over air space

So when they ask
About Nebraska
It’s cold as Alaska
The freeze is on
To keep us from harm
And God bless the farm