Boy's Town

Boy’s Town
Treading on hallowed ground
Boy’s Town
The late Father Flanagan found
Boy’s Town
Lights out she’d come around
That’s where I fell in love

Oh well she’s happy as
A sissy in Boy’s Town
Rolling in the new
Mown hay
Singing like a lark
In the meadow
Picking golden rods
All day
A local yokel’s daughter
Like a tomboy
Loves to play

She plays the field
She’s not for real
The guys all know
They call her
Mighty Mo

Boy’s Town
In Nebraska
Treading on hallowed
When I ask her

Boy’s Town
On the prairie
The late Father
Flanagan found
Picking berries

Boy’s Town
When I’m sleeping
Lights out she’d
Come around
That’s where I fell
In love

They put her in a girl school
For nymphomaniacs
I fought a lot of fellows
Who laughed behind my back
One day I got a letter
The others got the same
It said she’d adopt
All of us
And shack up on the plains

Oh well she’s happy
As a sissy in Boy’s Town
Underneath the
Cottonwood tree

I lost my heart in
She was shuckin’ and
Jivin’ me
Of all the orphans
In Nebraska
Why’d I fall so

My love was green
As northern beans
Her love was sweet
As a sugar beet