Wild Bill
They say Wild Bill
Shoots to kill
Ask the men he shot
And buried on Boot Hill

I’m singin’ Wild Bill
He’s so bad
He made a many widow
When he got mad

Ev’rybody’s rushin’
To the Rock Creek Ranch
He started out his legend
At the Rock Creek Ranch
There’s a lion on the loose
At the Rock Creek Ranch
Killed one with a hoe
Shot the other in the branch

Wild Bill
He’s so rank
Sure as Jesse James
Would rob a bank with Frank

Psychotic Wild Bill
He’s so cold
He could make the
Biggest bloody bullet hole

He knew that McCanles
Would fly off the handle
So he laid in the cut
As a ploy
Then he shot him dead center
Made him cough up his dinner
And die beside his
Scared little boy

He shot an unarmed rebel
Like Cain against Abel
He fired the first
Round of the war
Then he told a great lie
Of how nine men died
By his hand as they
Came through the door

Hollerin’ and hootin’ and
Cuttin’ and shootin’
And cussin’ and fightin’ and
Kickin’ and bitin’ and
Slashin’ and bashin’ and
Breakin’ and mashin’ and
Punchin’ and pullin’ and
Grabbin’ and stabbin’

Wild Bill
Union spy
He was a Yankee
That’s why
Wild Bill
He’s so mean
He made morticians
When he came on
The scene

He’ll kill the Recession
We’ll buy
More possessions
And live by the code
Of the west
We know he’s the baddest
We know he’s the fastest
We know he can pass
The best test

We held a national election
Displayed our affection
And Bill shot the loser
Right down
We got a brave new marshal
Who shall be partial
To putting us to work
All around

Blacks and whites
And rich and poor
And homeless and gays
And far right
And liberals and
Pros and cons and
Young and old
That’s Social Security

Today Wild Bill
Plays saxophone
As the nation sings
In mellow tone

Presidential Wild Bill
Seems like the man
To get the country
Rock n’ rollin’

I’m praisin’ Wild Bill
I’m singin’ Wild Bill
I’m talkin’ ’bout Wild Bill
The then and now Wild Bill

The old and the new
The myth and the true
The folklore and fact
Two historic acts
The golden frontier

The space-age pioneer
The present and past
Together at last


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